Catalogue cleansing and processes optimization for a multinational oilfield service company


The oilfield service company was working with a catalogue of 12k records, that lacked proper hierarchy and classification, had poor data quality and duplicates, resulting in extra purchases and excessive stock.

Moreover, no proper process or methodology for new item creation and modification was in place


  1. Catalogue was processed automatically and manually for master data cleansing and duplicates identification
  2. Reviewed existing processes and interviewed managers and new process was designed including written methodology on catalogue management
  3. All items in catalogue assigned to 3 level hierarchy and template developed for each hierarchy
  4. Produced tool for new items creation


  1. A new process of data management was implemented
  2. 12k records were classified and normalized according to developed new standard templates
  3. 600 items identified and confirmed as duplicates
  4. New methodology and tool for items creation served as a base for internal IT excellence team to develop a module for new items creation in existing ERP
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