Automated supplier due-diligence procedure with RPA


The company needed to automate a Supplier Due Diligence (SDD) procedure (consisting of 15 sub-processes) with a volume from 420 to 12.600 operations per annum and the average time ~43 min needed to execute each sub-process. One department of 44 FTE was involved in the

procedure that used 4 applications on desktop and web. Furthermore, the completeness of Suppliers Due Diligence Database was on a low level.


  1. Redesigned and developed a new SDD procedure
  2. Using our experience and wide range of master data management solutions we implemented RPA automation for sending and receiving data from/to the Supplier via email; Dow Jones Database check; Evaluation of the Questionnaire and generation of the report for decision
  3. Defined gaps and suggestions for refinement of the Contract Strategy template


  • Increased productivity in the Contracts Advisor (CA), Ethics and Compliance (E&C) and Contracts and Procurements (C&P) teams
  • Increased the speed of execution of ABCDD and wider C&P processes
  • Reduced errors and wasted effort made in the execution of the ABCDD process and thereby reducing the ABC risk to the company
  • Saving of 76% in the time to execute the end-to-end SDD procedure
The project has proven the value in automation, when it comes to master data management
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