Master Data and Stock Management Policies Design and Pilot Implementation for a Mining Company


The client was migrating to SAP and lacked formal master data and procurement governance (processes, roles & responsibilities and KPI’s) that could be applied to all assets of the company


  1. Design and formalization of new Procurement processes in 3 levels of detail (macro processes, activities and Annotated Workflows)
  2. Definition of a KPI tree comprising Strategic, Tactic and Operational levels
  3. Creation of Job Descriptions for each role related to Inventory and Master Data Management


  1. Master Data and Inventory Management Processes reviewed and implemented
  2. Introduction of Stock Parameters Review and KPI Dashboard, including stock-out events monitoring, providing sustainability to operation
  3. Development of 3 tools to increase processes automation and reduce human-factor errors
  4. Development of a stockable-items concept, increasing the expected avg. stock service level from 56% to 73% while keeping the current stock levels
A set of policies and well-defined methodologies allowed us to take control of data and procurement processes
Procurement Director
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