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Data Cleansing Basics

What is catalogue cleansing?
It is an activity that consists of SKUs standardization with defined templates & attributes to establish data consistency, data enrichment to define each SKU univocally, deduplication or removal of same SKUs from the catalogue to improve stock & procurement performance, and alignment of MDM processes & governance to ensure data quality in the future
Who needs catalogue cleansing services?

Practically any industry that uses large catalogues (from 20k items) to manage inventory and procurement. Most often clients come from manufacturing, Oil&Gas and mining.

How long does it take to clean my catalogue (e.g. 60k items)?
A typical project would last from 3 to 6 months, however it heavily depends on data specifics and your requirements
Data Audit

How can I send you my data? Which formats should I use?

Data can be sent to our email In the message, please outline your problem and we will come back with a potential solution shortly. Data exported from your corporate system into excel format is enough, the minimum requirement is to provide an item description that includes its attributes
How can you guarantee the data safety of my catalogue?
We guarantee to comply with our privacy policy and GDPR, it can be found here. In addition, we are ready to sign NDA for every project or data assessment initiative.
Can you provide with concrete savings analysis beforehand? What data is required?
Yes, we can provide with potential savings, as part of the assessment, given that the necessary data is provided. Typically we find up to 1-3% of annual procurement in savings. For that, we will need catalogue itself, current warehouse stock data (required) and purchase orders (optionally).

Synopps Solution

How does Synopps recognize duplicates, what criteria is used?

Our system recognizes attributes of data per SKU, then specific data patterns compare items attributes to identify the same characteristics. If all characteristics are the same, then these items are duplicates. Among criteria, we use part numbers excluding symbols, measurements converted into base units and item classes, including synonyms

Can my employees upload the data into Synopps themselves?

Not yet. Currently Synopps solution is used by our experts to provide the best data cleansing services. We are working hard to develop an end-solution, that will be available online. First version will identify duplicates in your uploaded catalogue. Follow our blog to get the latest news.

What is after the project?
Do you provide trainings for my personnel?
Yes, our experts, as part of the project, implement a correct catalogue management process to ensure sustainable data quality, that includes training of your personnel
Do I need to hire additional help desk personnel?
Yes and no, depends on your current organization process. Typically a proper catalogue management requires a dedicated role responsible for catalogue quality. If your current process does not have such a role, we recommend to create it. If you wish to focus on your primary business and forget about catalogue management problems, including hiring data experts, we can offer outsourcing services with our experts

Is it going to be one-time data catalogue cleaning? Can I keep my data clean automatically?
We clean the entire catalogue as one-time project. To ensure sustainability we implement proper catalogue management processes. We offer outsourcing services to ensure quality and clean catalogue at all times.
Can we send requests for correction per item?
Yes, with our outsourcing services each request will be processed by our experts
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