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December 06, 2021
Updated website lauched
We've just launched a new version of our website. Now we are more explicit about our range of services. Furthermore, we have posted our implemented projects.
December 02, 2021
Keynote at the Upstream Digital Transformation 2021 Conference
Len Pannett, our Managing Partner, was a keynote speaker at the Upstream Digital Transformation 2021 Conference which took place in London on the 1st and 2nd December. This prestigious event brought together leaders from Upstream Oil & Gas companies, their suppliers and service providers. The conference considered the core business issues shaping digital transformation in the Upstream sector.

Upstream Digital Transformation 2021 Conference
It was clear from the wide attendance and the focus on materials master and supply chain data that there is a fast-growing recognition of the need to tackle the perennial issue of bad, dirty data in order to secure the RoI that digital innovations promise
Len Pannett
Managing Partner
Len spoke to the conference on the criticality of clean data - particularly materials master data and supply chain data - in order to achieve the goals of digital transformation. He also described the almost immediate benefits, both financial and operational, that result from data cleansing. With a view to make the presentation actionable, he went on to describe how innovative digital tools, such as Synopps, are reducing the time and effort required to cleanse databases, as well as how to take the necessary systematic approach to the management of data in order to ensure the continued high quality of that data.

The session proved to be one of the most engaging, with a lively discussion on how to overcome internal reticence to deal with data cleansing and the best ways to take the first step. It was clear from this and the other speaker's presentations that the issue of data cleansing is today increasingly seen as a key matter on the journey to digital transformation, and that companies are taking active steps to address it.

Other presentations at the event looked at the importance of data governance, the need to instil the right skills and culture to assure success in digital transformation, and the increasing tendency towards including environmental data in describing materials master data.

On Day 2 of the event, Len joined leader from Spirit Energy, Wellsite and Incture to consider and debate the lessons learnt and future ambitions from digital transformation in the upstream O&G sector. That session covered technology, human factors and cybersecurity, as well as wider trends seen in other sectors that will affect O&G firms.

October 07, 2021
We have participated at Minex Mining Forum 2021
Co-founders of Synopps Innokentiy Kirillov and Mikhail Lyalkov have participated in the 17th MINEX RUSSIA Mining and Exploration Forum that took place in Moscow from 5 to 7 October 2021 to discuss most current trends in the mining industry, and meet our past and current clients.
Minex Mining Forum 2021
DEcember 13, 2020
Duplicates Tool available online in alpha version
Identify and remove duplicated items from your catalog to achieve fast savings in purchase and stock with our free of charge tool.
Register on our website to access the online tool today
May 20, 2020
Partnership with Visagio Consulting
We are pleased to share that we have partnered with Visagio Consulting to strengthen our expertise in analytics and implementation and widen our geographical reach.
Visagio logo
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