MDM implementation
We roll out MDM system as an end-to-end project with processes design, IT integration, data migration, and personnel training. We work with any vendor
Perform gap analysis of AS-IS processes, IT infrastructure, policies and regulations
Design and validate TO-BE processes, based on IT requirements and best practices
Cleanse master data, prepare for migration, integrate data flows, perform testing activities
Prepare all documentations, including user manual, train personnel, roll out the new IT system and support

Enterprise-wide MDM system successfully launched in 3 assets


The world’s largest high-grade nickel and palladium producer with more than 30 assets (including its own airline) has asked to support a roll-out of their enterprise-wide MDM system with 700k records onto assets in Switzerland, the USA, and China.


  1. New master data management processes were designed considering specifics of each asset, validated with stakeholders, and documented in the form of rules and regulations
  2. All relevant local master data, including materials, services, and suppliers were normalized in accordance with corporate standards and best practices and prepared for migration into the new MDM system
  3. Users were introduced to the new MDM system, trained via several courses and demos, finally, the necessary user manuals were developed


  1. Centralized MDM system successfully launched in 3 assets
  2. MDM processes optimized, including all documentation and personnel training
  3. Catalogue normalized, shortened, and migrated into the new system
Thank you, for delivering the MDM system on time and with expected functionality, given the tough situation with other interdependent initiatives
Nornickel Trade House GM
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