150k materials catalogue cleansed & MDM processes redesigned


Mid-life oil and gas assets operator with 4 fields across 2 countries had a centralized catalogue with more than 150,000 SKUs. Poor quality of master data, lack of classifiers and templates, together with non-optimal processes resulted in excessive warehouse inventories and unnecessary purchases.


  1. A normalization methodology has been developed and agreed
  2. A classifier and templates (attribute composition) have been developed for each record type
  3. The entire catalogue of materials was normalized, including standardization, deduplication, identification of obsoletes, classification and compilation of short names of records (40 characters)
  4. Implemented new master data management processes, including documentation and staff training


  • 10,000 records removed as inactive or obsolete items
  • 140,000 materials cleansed and standardized according to templates and documented rules
  • 950 templates developed to cover the entire catalogue
  • 3-level classifier developed covering all SKUs
  • Master data management processes optimized
  • 5,600 potential duplicates identified and treated
  • +0,9M$ in 1,5Y purchase savings
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