MRO Inventory Optimisation in a Gold Mine


  • High values of stockout and overstock that led to high stock value and/or equipment unavailability
  • Lack of alignment between Maintenance (client) and Procurement (service provider) areas
  • Inventory management processes are not well defined and are manually performed
  • MRP parameters not optimal


Inventory levels at 43M USD

30k materials in the catalogue


  1. Tools implemented to automate Procurement routines related to restocking and items’ creation processes
  2. The procurement team intensively trained to perform the restock and items’ creation processes
  3. Maintenance team trained to provide annual demand forecast and criticality for items


  • Reduction of working capital estimated at 21%, or USD 8.8M, in the 1st year
  • Service level resulting from the optimized restock parameters increased by 19% for high-critical items
  • Staff fully operational and independent after 11 weeks of the project
Results achieved
  • 8.8M USD
    reduction of working capital in the first year
  • 19% increase
    in service level for high-critical materials
  • 11 weeks
    to have staff fully operational and independant
  • 21% reduction
    in average stock levels in one years
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