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Master data transformation and stock optimization courses

3 training programs that will allow your team to initiate Materials Management Transformation Program to achieve improved stock management - guarantee critical items always available and at the same time reduce excessive stock
Participants, business challenges and extract practical data from ERP to be used
tailor the training content and use real data to address the unique challenges and requirements of your company
Deliver 3 modules on excel, MDM cleansing and MRO stock optimization online or onsite
Hand over all materials, including practical excel tables and tools, post-training hypercare support

Why Synopps courses?

  • In-depth understanding

    Our program covers all aspects of inventory master data management, providing your team with a comprehensive understanding of best practices and industry-specific strategies

  • Practical application
    Participants will engage in hands-on exercises and case studies related to gold mining industry inventory management, ensuring practical application of learned concepts
  • Customization
    We tailor the training content and use real data to address the unique challenges and requirements of your company, ensuring maximum relevance and applicability
  • Expert trainers

    Our trainers are industry experts with extensive experience in inventory management and data optimization within the gold mining sector. They bring real-world insights and best practices to the training sessions

Excel Training Program

Basic schedule can be tailored
20 min
3 hours
1º Module
  • Navigation on the worksheet
  • Navigation between worksheets,
  • Navigation between applications hyperlinks
  • Fast selection commands
  • Shortcut keys
  • Cell formatting
  • Basic functions
  • Logic functions
  • Conditional formatting
3 hours
2º Module
  • Functions and graphs
  • Introduction to PivotTables
  • Introduction to dynamic graphics
  • Database treatment
  • Text functions
  • Date functions
  • Mathematical functions for dynamic reports (COUNTIF, SUMIF and others)
3 hours
3º Module
  • Advanced topics in PivotTables and PivotCharts
  • Database analysis
  • Search functions and reference (VLOOKUP, OFFSET, MATCH and others)
1 hour
Q&A session

Catalogue Management Training Program

Basic schedule can be tailored
20 min
2 hours
1º Module - context
  • Understand current state, challenges and key objectives
  • Understand current process and systems used
  • Definition of Master Data and its importance
  • Key concepts in Master Data management
3 hours
2º Module - how to build catalogue
  • The importance and ways of classification
  • How to build taxonomy
  • The importance and ways of building templates
  • Deduplication
4 hours
3º Module - master data management
  • Industry benchmarks
  • To-be process of new items creation and modification
  • Techniques of duplicates identification (real case examples)
  • Simulation and case study based on real data
1 hour
Q&A session

Inventory Management Training Program

Basic schedule can be tailored
20 min
3 hours
1º Module - context
Importance of Managing Inventories
  • Importance of Inventory Management
  • Inventory Costs
  • Stock-out Costs

Performance Indicators
  • Service Level Indicators
  • Efficiency and Cost Indicators
  • Profit Model
3 hours
2º Module - functionalities of stock
Functionalities of Inventory
  • Safety Stock
  • Cyclical Stock
  • Transit Stock
  • Speculative Stock
  • Buffer Stock

Safety Stock
  • Factors affecting safety stock
  • Combined standard deviation
  • Probability of non-rupture
  • Defining parameter K
  • Calculating safety stock
4 hours
3º Module - inventory models
Inventory Management Models
  • Introduction to the models
  • The dynamic of managing stocks
  • Trade-off: stock vs lot

Economic Order Quantity
  • Economic order quantity
  • Order point
  • Applying the concepts in practice

Min-Max Logic
  • Logic and model parametrisation
  • Min-max with periodic revision
  • Minimum model
  • Applying the concepts in practice
1 hour
Q&A session

Course Bonus

Self-learning Excel manual in Excel worksheets with formulas

Identified duplicates and excessive purchases in Excel based on your data

Min/max calculation model in Excel worksheets with formulas

Identified excessive open PRs leading to real savings that cover and exceeds the investment

How is your team empowered?

  • Improved efficiency

    By equipping your team with advanced inventory management techniques, you can significantly reduce errors, minimize stockouts, and optimize inventory levels. This leads to improved operational efficiency and cost savings

  • Enhanced decision-making
    With a solid understanding of inventory master data management, your team will make informed decisions, resulting in better planning, forecasting, and procurement strategies. This can lead to increased profitability and competitive advantage
  • Risk mitigation
    Effective inventory management reduces the risk of excess or obsolete inventory, ensuring optimal utilization of resources. This helps mitigate financial and operational risks associated with inventory management
  • Long-term benefits
    The knowledge and skills gained from our training program will continue to benefit your company well beyond the 21-day duration. The improved inventory management practices will have a lasting impact on your operations

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