Centralized 4 catalogues from 8 business units and 3 legacy IT systems


A vertically integrated enterprise with more than 30 assets (including its own airline) has asked us to centralize catalogues of Packages, Locations, Nomenclatures of cargoes, and Containers from 8 business units and 3 legacy IT systems.


  1. Designed a template solution (data migration approach, defining roles, data sources)
  2. Designed and configured a target data migration template
  3. Normalized master data, enriched with the missing information, and new records were created in accordance with the target process
  4. Documents developed - data normalization methodology, MDM maintenance rules, users instructions
  5. Using our experience and wide range of master data management solutions, we centralized 4 catalogues for 8 business units


  • 51,000 records reconciled across 8 business units and normalized according to the approved data standards and enriched with additional data
  • Overall catalogue volume reduced by 27%
  • Rolled out 4 centralized catalogues for 8 assets of the enterprise
  • Aligned and implemented central processes for 4 catalogues for all sea and river ports, and main manufacturing enterprises
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