Formation of Assets Catalogue in SAP MDM and mapping to Materials Master Catalogue


Multinational Metals and Mining Company asked to create a new Assets Catalogue (vehicles, machinery, equipment etc.) and update the mapping of new catalogue data to the existing Materials Master data catalogue (spare parts and consumables)


Catalogue volume

– 68k records of Assets

– 270k records of Materials


  1. Cleansing of 68 SKUs incl. creation of the unified template, data standardization, duplicates check using Synopps AI Decomposition Tool & manual methodologies
  2. Missing data in SKU data sets were added to the catalogue from several sources, such as manufacturers' catalogues, and online resources using Synopps Automated Search Engine.
  3. All Manufacturers and Manufacturers' Part Numbers (or Models) were checked using Synopps Custom Parsing Toll.
Results achieved
  • 68k assets
    were corrected, enriched and standardized
  • 43k records
    were enriched with additional data
  • 87% MPNs
    were validated with open sources using Synopps tools
  • 17k duplicates
    were identified and treated
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